Worried about riding a Segway?

Interested in taking an off-road Segway Journey on Waiheke Island but are just a little nervous about driving a Segway for the first time?

Don’t worry, they are very easy and safe to use for all levels of fitness and skill. Here’s a little information about Segways to help you feel comfortable:

The Segway has an impressive array of electronics including 5 gyroscopes and tilt sensors as well as technology called “Dynamic Stabilisation” to calculate your position and make adjustments 100 times every second. It’s like a high-powered computer working constantly to keep you and the Segway upright and as balanced as possible. It does most of the work for you even over rough or uneven terrain. The Segway quickly feels like an extension of your body making it easy for you to remain confident, comfortable and in control.

Large off-road tyres allow us to explore all sorts of hidden places around the beautiful Island of Waiheke, from beaches, along coastlines, through the bush and around vineyards in safety and style. Did I mention that it’s actually loads of fun!

SegWai offers a unique insight into Waiheke Island with specially selected routes that leave you wanting more. You can book for up to 6 people 362 days a year.

For more information have a look at out FAQ page, check out our tours here or get in touch now.