“What is a Segway?”
A Segway is a battery-powered personal transportation device. It is electronically balanced, has a zero turning radius and no emissions. Standing on the Segway, all movements are controlled by just leaning slightly in the direction you want to travel. While the inner workings of the Segway are highly complex, all you really need to know is that riding one is more fun than a fun thing that is really, really fun! The Segway was invented in 2001 by Dean Kamen in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States of America where it is still manufactured today.
“Why doesn't the Segway fall over?”
Excellent question. The Segway has an impressive array of electronics including 5 gyroscopes, tilt sensors and uses technology called “Dynamic Stabilisation” to calculate your position and make adjustments 100 times every second. It’s like a high-powered computer working constantly to keep you and the Segway upright and as balanced as possible. You do not have to self-balance from front to back, even over rough or uneven terrain. It sounds super technical therefore we suggest the only way to fully appreciate the magic of the Segway is to jump on and try it for yourself. The Segway quickly feels like an extension of your body making it easy for you to remain confident, comfortable and in control.
“Where can it be used?”
The X2 Segway moves safely and easily with, amongst and around people. It can turn on the spot and can safely traverse concrete, grass, off road environments and sand.
“Are there any age, height and weight restrictions?”
SegWai does have a minimum age requirement of 12 years or older. All riders under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an Adult. The Segway has adjustable handlebars to suit different heights. Weight restriction – riders should be between 45kg min – 125kg max (99 – 275lbs). Unfortunately, no exceptions to these limits will be allowed as the Segways are primarily controlled by shifting weight and we must ensure the safety of the individual, other riders and the general public. SegWai reserve the right to ask riders to weigh-in prior to the commencement of the Segway hire. Indemnity forms must be completed onsite and prior to use of the Segways. The Indemnity form must also be co-signed by a Parent or Guardian if the rider is under the age of 18 years.
“Are reservations required?”
Reservations are required for every Journey we offer. All walk-up customers will be accommodated in the best possible manner based on guide and Segway availability. Our Journeys fill to capacity on a regular basis and for this reason we highly suggest making a reservation online well ahead of time or contacting us directly. We don’t want to fill our tour and miss showing you around!

All prices stated are in New Zealand dollars and include Goods & Services Tax (GST). Prices are correct at the date of publication but are subject to change.

Where is the meeting point?
When you finalise your booking online you will automatically receive a confirmation email with directions and a link to a map guiding you to the starting point. The “Bay to Beach” Journey and “A Twilight Journey” begin at the Matiatia Wharf on the grassy park right next door to where the passenger ferry arrives from Auckland. If you are already on the island we are located at the western end of Oceanview Road, Oneroa (find a map here).
“Can SegWai provide transport for our group?”
  • We can arrange transport for individuals or groups from the Kennedy Point Ferry Terminal, Oneroa Town Centre (Waiheke Library) or other locations on the island to the meeting point at Matiatia Bay. Just email us or give us a call prior to your Journey date and we can book this for you. Costs are to be paid by the customers.
  • Groups for corporate or private hire can call us ahead of the day to arrange private busses or shuttles to transport you around the island.
  • It is absolutely necessary that bookings for the transfer service are arranged prior to your booking with a call to the SegWai staff at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled Journey as the island gets very busy, especially during Summer and the transport companies can often fill up with bookings of their own.
“Are the Segways safe for people with mobility issues?”
The necessary range of motion required to operate a Segway is similar to that of being able to transfer weight from one foot to another while walking. It is a requirement that you are agile enough to climb stairs so as to allow for the hopping on and off of the Segway. Each of our Journeys begin with a short safety video followed by time to learn and practice with instruction from your guide. We will practice on the Segways until everyone feels comfortable.
“Are the Segways safe for pregnant ladies?”
Unfortunately, pregnant women are not allowed to participate on our Segway Journeys or at Corporate and Private Hire Events.
“How big can my group be?”
Our Journeys operate in groups of up to 6 people. Any groups larger than 6 people will need to be split over different Journey times or alternatively Private and Corporate hire can accommodate large numbers of people with games and glides (give us a call to find out more).
“Is there a minimum number of people?”
There is a two person minimum for all SegWai Journeys. On the rare occasion that there is only 1 person booked for any Journey then SegWai will contact you at least 24 hours prior to the day of your Journey to reschedule for another time.
“What happens if I have to change/cancel my booking or arrive late after my journey has started?”
  • Reservations require a full advance payment via credit card. We will send an e-mail confirmation of the date and time of your tour.
  • Payments are fully refundable if the reservation is cancelled 3 days (72 hours) or more prior to the scheduled Journey time.
  • We have 6 x Segways available for Journeys. We will reserve Segways and schedule a tour guide specifically for your reservation.
  • ‘No shows’ will be charged in full and will not be rescheduled.
  • Your reservation payment WILL NOT be refunded or Journey rescheduled for any reason within 72 hours of your scheduled Journey time.
  • Please endeavour to make sure everyone in your group is age 12 and up and within the weight limits described above. We do not offer refunds or reschedules for guests who fall outside of the weight limits.
  • A signed liability waiver is required prior to the departure of your Journey group. To be co-signed by a Parent or Guardian if the rider is under the age of 18 years.
  • Gift Certificates are not refundable and must be used within a 12 month period from issue.
“What do I wear or bring with me?”

Waiheke Island is a gorgeous place rain, hail or shine but here are some tips to make sure you have the best of times while you’re with us:

  • Dress appropriately for an outdoor adventure activity.
  • In Summer it can be quite hot and the New Zealand sun unforgiving. For this reason it is advised to wear sunscreen, hats (except when wearing our stylish helmets) and sunglasses. Sunscreen is available from your guide before you set out, if needed.
  • In Winter it’s definitely advisable to wear some warm clothes and perhaps a light jacket in case of the occasional drizzle. It can get chilly!
  • Please do not wear thongs/jangles/flip flops or other loose footwear as these can be a potential danger when riding the Segway.
  • Unfortunately, there is no space on the Segway to store items so please only bring the necessaries or dress with large pockets. Any additional items can be stowed in the SegWai van whilst we are on the Journey or corporate/private hire at the risk of the individual owners. If possible please leave bulky bags, shoulder strap handbags and large backpacks at home.
“What happens if it rains?”

Waiheke Island can have all four seasons in one day sometimes.

  • Light rain – Our Journeys typically proceed in light or occasional rain as long as it is deemed safe to do so. Segways are designed to run in any weather. In such conditions don’t forget to pack your wet weather gear to make the experience more comfortable although we have ponchos for those that need them.
  • Heavy or Continuous rain – In the event of heavy or continuous rain we will endeavour to contact you at least 1-2 hours prior to the scheduled start of your Journey and make a decision to either postpone or cancel the Journey for safety reasons. If you are concerned about the conditions please call us at least an hour before your booking time to discuss options. In the rare case of the cancellation of your Journey due to severe weather we will offer space on an alternate date or time (if space is available).
“What time do I need to get there for my tour?”
  • Your Journey will start promptly at the scheduled time, therefore please arrive 15 minutes prior to the Journey departure time in order to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Please be aware that we have multiple Journeys departing throughout the day, therefore if you arrive more than 30 minutes early we may still be working with other guests and not quite ready to welcome you properly.
  • Each member of your party will be required to complete and sign a liability waiver form. Minors under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to complete their paperwork.
“I've never ridden a Segway before; will I be able to pick it up quickly? What training will there be?”
  • Your safety is always our highest priority but do not worry, no experience is needed, virtually anyone can ride a Segway!
  • Helmets will be provided to every single rider.
  • We begin each Journey with a thorough safety briefing and orientation of the Segway and its use before heading out to enjoy the island. The basic functions of the Segway can be learned by most people in a matter of seconds. The Segway’s operation is so intuitive that riders tend to feel completely comfortable within a couple of minutes.
  • There is ample time allowed to learn and practice with instruction from your guide to make sure everyone gets the most out of their Journey. Those that are seasoned Segway riders or pick it up super quick will be able to glide around the grassed area while everyone else becomes more familiar with the machines. We will practice on the Segways until everyone feels comfortable.
  • Training time does form part of the overall tour time.
“Can I fall while riding a Segway?”
  • Yes you can. While the Segway balances for you, it is still under your control and relies on you to dictate its direction and speed. It is essential to know the limitations of your riding ability and the Segway and practice your skills accordingly. As when driving a car, riding a bicycle or any moving device, care and observation of hazards is essential in order to avoid collisions with obstacles.
  • Do not let your enthusiasm or excitement lead the way against your new rider abilities.
“How long, how far and how fast does a Segway go?”
  • SegWai Journeys limit the speed to a maximum of 12 kilometres per hour and we might even take you off that limit for a full tilt ride. The Segway can get up to speeds of 20 km/h which is actually as fast as a Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) can run. I’m not kidding, it’s not just a cartoon character, google it.
  • A Segway can average a distance of about 35 to 40km, depending on the weight, speed, riding style and terrain.
  • You can enjoy the entire Journey at a leisurely pace on the lower speed (12km/h) if you wish. Given the off road terrain and adventurous courses we limit our speed for safety and for a relaxed cruise and to make sure you get to take in the surrounding beauty of the island.
“Am I allowed to take pictures during the journey?”
  • 100% yes! However, we do recommend that you ask your guide to take your pictures for you so you can focus on riding and balancing on your Segway. Short stops along the route will allow for some time to step down from your machine to get shots of the island and our guides are more than happy to take photos of you and your group on the Segways as well.
“Can I rent a Segway without a guide?”
Unfortunately, we do not rent our Segways out to individuals without a guide.
“Do you offer Corporate or Private Hire?”
Yes, most definitely, we love playing the SegWai Cup. SegWai can tailor make a Segway Experience to your specific requirements. Check out our Corporate page here and Private hire page here where you can also see a little highlights video of what we do. Why not give us a call to discuss your idea and requirements?
“Stuff you need to know about Vouchers”
  • We offer personalised vouchers for tours of up to 6 people and for larger corporate groups up to 50 people
  • Vouchers are valid for one year from purchase
  • There are no cash refunds
  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable, non -transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • All bookings are subject to availability and to our terms and conditions and cancellation policies
  • Gift vouchers can only be purchased through segwai.co.nz
“Is this journey offered in any other languages or only English?”
Journeys, Corporate Events and Private Hire with SegWai are only available with English speaking guides.
“Can I get a DUI for driving a Segway?”
A Segway is a motorised transportation device and as such the rider will be treated the same as if you were driving a car or motorcycle. We therefore ask that you do not drink alcohol during or before your Journey and if we believe that you are intoxicated, we can refuse to take you on the Journey without a refund. SegWai has a breathalyser as used by the New Zealand police and may require you to undertake a breath test prior to the commencement of the Journey, Corporate Event or Private Hire. SegWai take the safety of its patrons and that of the general public very seriously.