Waiheke Island is about slowing down the pace of life and enjoying the ride. That’s why we say that for us here at SegWai “it’s all about the journey”. SegWai started in 2014 as an idea born from of one of our many holidays to Waiheke Island and out of a burning desire to change direction and experience more out of life. Both of us had busy roles in Australia that gave us little chance to truly enjoy life… and a change was needed. The new philosphy became work to live not live to work and what better way to ensure the relaxed pace to life than to move to Waiheke Island.

Having visited many amazing countries around the world we wanted somewhere that felt like a hidden retreat that could indulge our passions. Andrew has always had a sporty background although work drove the salesman and marketeer inside. SegWai allows all of these talents to combine and come to the fore. With loads of research into the Island, local people, activites to do and New Zealand as a whole we decided there was a gap we could fit in to.

The chance to spend time with different people from all walks of life, of all ages in an entertaining, engaging, adventurous way is what drives the team at SegWai. We find that the people that come for a glide on the Segways have the most amazing stories to tell and with visitors from every corner of the world it certainly makes for an interesting day.

Having come from a Marketing, Sales & Training background Andrew also saw the potential to offer break-out sessions and team building activities using the off road X2 Segways. The venues on Waiheke simply speak for themselves from quiet retreats to lush, opulent settings and any company looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city life for just a moment need only jump on the ferry across the Hauraki Gulf. This idea coupled with the exciting opportunities available through private hire events (weddings, hens, parties & everything else) makes for a fun and rewarding work environment.

When you take one of our Journeys you will be immersed in the inner beauty of Waiheke Island. Take it slow and glide on through native bushland, wetlands, vineyards and beach environments to really experience the local’s Island. We look forward to seeing you on-board with SegWai.

Andrew & Claire